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Bluer   Greener   Cleaner   For our future

About Us


Who we are


Teal Environmental is a clean technology development company who created the most effective Wick Assisted Gravity Drainage (WAGD) dewatering  technology to dry oil sands fluid tailings in-situ and reclaim a decommissioned tailings pond to a terrestrial landscape in 3 to 5 years. 7 years of dedicated R&D have made us the leading pioneer in None Water Capping (NWC) oil sands tailings ponds reclamation. We have demonstrated our lab-scale Direct Sand Capping (DSC) technology in 2023 and are ready to help our clients to achieve the first reclamation Certificate of an oil sands tailings pond.



Teal is the combination color of blue and green. We strive to make the sky bluer, the land greener and water cleaner, for our future. We will achieve this goal by assisting Alberta’s oil sands operators to achieve their goal of getting net-zero fluid tailings increase by 2035 and supporting local and global clients to eliminate all decommissioned tailings ponds by 2100.



We use our proprietary dewatering technologies to reclaim decommissioned oil sands tailings ponds to terrestrial landscapes by 2050.

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