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Solutions and Products


Fine Tailings Dewatering

Our proprietary wick-assisted gravity drainage (WAGD) in-situ dewatering technology can reclaim a typical oil sands tailings pond to a terrestrial landscape in 3 to 5 years. 


  • Fast terrestrial reclamation

  • Dam failure elimination

  • Seepage mitigation 


More advantages

  • No upward advective flux of pore water

  • No salt accumulation on the terrestrial surface

  • No tailings storage facilities maintenance fees


Diluted Bitumen Spill Response

We provide systems, devices and equipment to combat the challenges in diluted bitumen spill response, which could be employed in other applications such as oil sand tailings storage facilities management:

  • Real-time sunken oil mapping system. Matrix sensors are used to scan a suspected pad under the pre-set GPS route and the detection data are sent to the SaaS cloud with wireless transmission. The mapping data can be displayed on any users’ personal cell phone or ipad right away via a web app as shown below. The total mapping time is around 100 folds shorter than the “poling” technique.

  • High flow-rate dewatering devices. The devices provide 2-10 folds of drainage flow-rate of geobags at similar sizes.

  • Water-free slick skimmers. The skimmers collect dilbit thin slick without water.

  • Selective sunken oil collectors. They selectively collect sunken oil rather than huge amount of uncontaminated water and sands together.

  • Dilbit spill response waste decontamination system. It is a movable system to decon-taminate most of the waste of a typical dilbit spill response. It does not require a lime hardening process while provide clean fuel oils as a byproduct.

  • Specialty fabrication products, such as dewatering bags .

Operations Waste Decontamination

The rejected paraffin froth treat-ment tailings from the oil sand tailing solvent recovery unit contains 20% (dry base) bitumen, which can be used as a feed for warm-mix asphalt concrete or a filler for stone mastic asphalt in road paving. The tailings can be dewatered with our Deep Dewatering Technology to prevent too much tailings water salts depositing on the filler surfaces to deteriorating the properties of the filler.

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