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  • Dewatering oil sands fluid fine tailings and recycling pore water for production

  • Reclaiming oil sands tailings ponds to a rehabilitation landscape

Why Now?

  • Free technical consultation

  • Free bench tests

  • Free engineering consultation

  • Free IP licensing fees before 2025

  • Privilege of using the latest technology

  • Bonus fund for pilot tests and scale-up

  • Reducing GHG up to 12.5Mt CO2 eq

  • Resolved action for sustainability

  • Support for clean technologies

  • Chance to get a referral gift card

Contact Information


Phone: +1 (825) 865-8325 (TEAL)

Lab Services Address: #200, 9417 45 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6E 6B9 Canada

Headquarter Address: 11441 39 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6J 0M5 Canada

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